The program in Italy for 2021 foresees the realization of the International Sacred Music Competition 2021 which will be held from 15th to 18th September 2021 in Rome. The competition includes an online elimination phase, participants can register by June 30 by sending a video of one of their performances. The winners of other international opera competitions will be able to register directly for the semifinal by sending the documents by 20 August. With the final in gala concert format on 18th September, the winners of the competition will be announced and will take part in the shows of "Let’s Sing Oratorio Music!" of 2022. The show will be titled "A promised Land" and will be based on arias and choruses drawn by Handel's speakers mainly from "Messiah" and "Israel in Egypt". The complete competition rules can be downloaded here. The first shows of "Let’s Sing Oratorio Music!" will be held On 22 and 24 October 2021 in Cosenza, at the A. Rendano theater with the winners of the 2020 International Sacred Music Competition. The solo singers of the shows will be: Sophie Gallagher in the role of Gabriel - Eve, Joseph Dadah in the role of Uriel Luca Bruno in the role of Raphael – Adam (in replacement for renouncing to participate of the winners of the role Lehonard Geiger and Johannes Schwarz) The orchestra will be conducted by director Fabrizio da Ros.