Join the international project LET’S SING ORATORIO MUSIC, a creative workshop designed to enrich music education in schools! It couples practical experience of cooperation between teachers and pupils with music professionals. For teachers, it brings workshops in which specialists will train them on how to approach teaching and how to sing oratorios efficiently. For pupils, it offers not only the experience of collaborating with professional singers and orchestras, but also an unforgettable stage experience of singing an oratorio in a theatre in front of an audience.

LET’S SING ORATORIO MUSIC aims to acquaint pupils in elementary schools and middle school with the genre of the oratorio with the help of innovative methodologies. Students will take an active part in one of the largest oratorios in music history: ‘The Creation’ by Joseph Haydn. The purpose of the project is to develop the interest of young people in this musical form and gain a new audience. The main feature of our project is the active participation of the audience in the performances: children and young people will sing the chorus of the oratorio accompanied by an orchestra and singers from the Silesian Theatre in Opava. Soloists will be the winners of the Sacred Music International Competition 2021.

What awaits you?

Workshop for teachers and pupils
Support during the preparation of choirs
Rehearsal with soloists and orchestra in theatre

What do we offer? 

Promotion: Web, FB, Instagram, YT, Program
Didactic materials: E-book, music, videos Free tickets for teachers
Tickets with 50% rebates for the public (in Opava theatre).